"JAT" Jerzy Andrzej Tomczak Consulting and Service Company began operating on 1 January 1991 as a tax consultancy. Legal form of the company is 'individual proprietorship'.

The owner of the company was entered into the list of tax advisers on 8 April 1998, Entry No. 05259. After passing the national examination before the Committee on Tax Advisory Committee of the first term, this entry was transformed into a final entry by the Minister of Finance dated 25 March 1999, No. RS-7250-921/DP/I/99/JB. The range of our services is broadly defined as tax advisory services. Among other matters, we deal with preparation of tax expertise and opinions, conducting investigations and representation of taxpayers before tax authorities, tax inspection authorities, Provincial Administrative Courts and the Supreme Administrative Court. We also provide accounting services. These services are provided from the company in Lodz and its branch in Koluszki.

In December 2004, we acquired publishing rights from the now defunct Center for Tax Advice "Romanowska & Tomczak" for the Internet tax bulletin "TAX PAGE", which is addressed to professionals dealing with tax issues.

In 2006, we launched an Internet service for tax advisory matters at the domain www.e-doradcy.pl. The service provides on-line tax advice in Poland and abroad and includes both simple tax advice, the so-called advance, and tax opinions and expertise as well as comprehensive legal representation before tax authorities, tax inspection authorities and administrative courts of both instances.

The owner of the company is the author of many texts on the subject of taxation, and has been published in the "TAX PAGE" bulletin, FK Portal of the publishing house Wiedza i Praktyka, the Rzeczpospolita newspaper, Money.pl and many others.

ul. Zawiszy Czarnego 10, lok. 611, 91-829 Łódź                 tel./fax 42 / 657 58 20, 42 / 655 10 45                 e-mail: jat@doradcypodatkowi.pl

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